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4 Simple Things That Hurt Your Resume

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When we review people’s resumes, we often see a basic document with lackluster content and outdated formatting.  These are pretty common, but what we also see are resumes that contain some pretty fundamental mistakes.  Here are some examples of things to not do:

1.  Under the document properties section of your resume, make sure it shows you as the author of your documents.  Having someone else’s name there, particularly if the name is completely different from yours, can make employers wonder. At worst, it suggests that you borrowed (or copied) heavily from another person’s document.

2.  Include basic contact information.  It always surprises me to see a resume in which someone has not included a mailing address, as many employers do still mail rejection letters.  Also, the phone number you include on your resume ideally should be a line that only you can access.  The e-mail address you use should be a personal address, not your e-mail address at your current job. I would also encourage you to include your customized LinkedIn URL. It makes it easier for the employer to research you and you get to ensure they are finding the right “you” on LinkedIn.

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Top Five Overused Resume Phrases & How To Revive Them


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While we have good intentions when we use common phrases to describe our abilities, the fact is we are boring hiring managers to death! These are skills that are expected in today’s workplace and don’t do the job of making you stand out to employers. In fact, hiring managers see them so often on resumes that they don’t even notice them anymore.

For example, people commonly state they have “great communication skills”. While that is a good trait to possess, is more or less expected and tells them nothing about how you’ve demonstrated this skill, or the results it has created.

A great way to convey your communication skills is to add quality (e.g. examples) and quantity (e.g. measureable results) to pump them up and actually prove you are an ace communicator! A suggestion would be “Sharp, articulate communicator as proven by multiple large-scale presentations and applauded departmental reports.” You would follow this up with bulleted details about the presentations and reports you have completed.

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Job Ads Do Not Have To Suck | Minnesota Marketing Job

I have not ever posted a job from someone else on my blog but I received a nice email from Jon Parshall, COO at , and I am going to make an exception.

First time for everything, right?

Here is why, it’s a cool ad. It engages. It is a bit funny. I doubt it was approved by an attorney.

In other words, this is something I can support.

See folks, your job ads and descriptions do not have to suck.

Disclaimer: none needed. Code Weavers is not a client and I have not worked for them in the past. But you know, should they ever need a good recruiter… :)

Another reason to post this is if I can do something to help promote a local tech company I will. (Yes, that is an invitation for others to ask if I can help)

Their Marketing position:

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Don’t Sabotage Your Job Search

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There are a couple of cardinal sins of job seeking that you should avoid at all cost. Here is a short list:

1. Never go around your recruiter and try to contact the hiring manager after you have spoken with the recruiter.

2. Never assume that a follow up interview will happen just because you have a good feeling.

3. Don’t send sales material to the hiring manager outside of the recruiter.

4. Don’t send generic cover letters.

5. Do not under any circumstance show up at the office and demand an interview.

6. Do not show a negative attitude toward your recruiter.

7. Do not assume that the recruiter will print out your resume and give it to all the managers.

8. Do not lie about you education or past salary.

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Minnesota Business Community Lacks Confidence

The has released their 7th annual Minnesota Business Barometer Survey and to be honest, I am a bit shocked at the low level of confidence.

I would have that it would be a bit better, not great, but better than the numbers show:

  • 30% said the state’s economy was improving
  • Nearly the same number said
  • 20 % said they were more profitable than last year
  • 30 % said they were less profitable
  • Just over 40% said Minnesota was emerging more slowly than other states from the recession

There is some good long term news:

  • 79% said they were optimistic about Minnesota's economic future over the next 10 years
  • 18% said they were pessimistic

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The Job Search: Why is it such a challenge?

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What do you think it is that causes job seekers to miss so much during their job search? Is it the frustration that comes with being unemployed, sometimes for as much as 2 years? Are they lazy? Are they not concentrating on the importance of focusing on their search? Are they as inundated as recruiters and hiring managers and feel as overwhelmed as some do?

Many are challenged by, and have a genuine concern for those who don’t have a job. The challenges are; dealing with job seekers that don’t read the job descriptions completely before applying, finding that an applicant is not as qualified as they think they are, not taking the time to prepare an appropriate resume for the position, that they have left things out of their resume, failed to provide a cover letter (if requested) or short bio to assist in the process or even lie during the process in hopes of getting an interview!

Some are challenged by, and understand to a degree, the negative attitude of some applicants as recruiters speak to them, knowing that they are, in some cases, very desperate! “Look, I only want to pay my bills” is what’s heard so often. Hearing this has the tendency to bring everyone down a little. When you’ve been searching for such a long time, encouragement doesn’t always feed the family. Try to be as encouraging as possible.

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    13 Major Resume Mistakes

    CareerBuilder has results from a survey that include “13 Most Memorable Resume Mistakes” which I have listed below.

    Before getting to the funny unfortunate list here are some statistics from the survey of human resource managers and hiring managers:

    • 48% typically review 25 applications or less for open positions
    • 38% on average spend less than a minute reviewing a resume
    • 18% spend less than 30 seconds reviewing a resume
    • 79% pay more attention to resumes that are tailored to their open positions

    13 Most Memorable Resume Mistakes:

    • Candidate put God down as a reference (no phone number).
    • Candidate listed her hobby as alligator watching.
    • Candidate claimed to be a direct descendant of the Vikings.
    • Candidate’s email address had “lovesbeer” in it.
    • Candidate listed “Master of Time and Universe” under his experience.

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    The Great Recession: December 2007 To June Of 2009

    Woo Hoo, is dead. Well, at least according to the experts who make the call.

    A committee of the National Bureau of Economic Research has decided that it started in December of 2007 and ended June of 2009.

    Click Business Cycle Dating Committee, National Bureau of Economic Research to see the full report and here is the introduction:

    CAMBRIDGE September 20, 2010 - The Business Cycle Dating Committee of the National Bureau of Economic Research met yesterday by conference call. At its meeting, the committee determined that a trough in business activity occurred in the U.S. economy in June 2009. The trough marks the end of the recession that began in December 2007 and the beginning of an expansion. The recession lasted 18 months, which makes it the longest of any recession since World War II. Previously the longest postwar recessions were those of 1973-75 and 1981-82, both of which lasted 16 months.

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