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Minnesota Recruiters FAQ’s

UPDATED: December 2010



I get a lot of questions about how this informal group was started and included the following information in an email as an introduction as our colleagues would join the group site or LinkedIn group.

But it has become rather long so a blog post is needed and will point them here.



Web site:

LinkedIn group (Minnesota Recruiter and HR professionals):



1st and 3rd week of the month

Dues or fees?

This in an informal group so there are no dues and no fees for events. This is possible through sponsors who are committed to supporting the local Recruiter and HR community.

How many members and what is the make up of the group?

“Members” is a loose term. As of December 15, 2010 when combining those who have registered on the Minnesota Recruiters web site, joined the Minnesota Recruiters LinkedIn Group, attended an event, and/or asked to be added to the email list the number is 2,150+.

52% corporate

26% consulting/contracting firms

22% search firms/independent recruiters

How the group started:

The group started as an attempt to get the 11 local bloggers who wrote on career, HR, recruiter related topics together for lunch and through many conversations and some planning turned into a conference at Best Buy corporate headquarters in July 2007 with 135 of our Recruiter and HR colleagues.

For more information on how this group was created and how it has evolved go to,

How often are the conferences, how many people attend, and why have them?

The conferences are an informal get together of peers who listen to presenters and share their own experiences. We are very fortunate to have in our area national speakers and local experts on Recruiter and HR topics and they lead the conversations.

We are also bringing in experts from around the country to present.

Topics are decided by those who are attending the events.

Conferences are held quarterly (seasonally) with the next event to be held February/March 2011. Previous events were held December, July and April 2010, December, July and March 2009, November, July, May and February 2008, November and July 2007.

The main idea is less than 5% of the attendees have ever taken a trip to Orlando, Las Vegas, or where ever the big conferences are being held to spend 2-5 days and $3,000. In most cases there is not a budget or time to do so.

We are bringing that kind of information to these events that take half a day.

The number of attendees for the first three events ranged from 125 to 135. With expanded seating the next ten had 180-260 attendees.

While doing these events and learning new recruiting techniques is an important part of what we are doing equally important is creating networking opportunities for everyone. 

What topics have been presented?

December 2011:

  • It’s Who You Know
  • Social Recruiting In An Unsocial Environment
  • ABC’s Of Closing Candidates

July 2010 (structured unconference):

  • Recruiter Panel
  • 12 Year Old And The Ferrari
  • Search/Consulting Firm Roundtable
  • Writing A Better Job Ad
  • Strength In Planning...The Army Strong Way
  • Employee Referral Programs: Taking Them To The Next Level, A Case Study
  • Contingent Labor Vendors – Insight From The Eyes Of The Business And Procurement
  • So I Signed Up For Twitter. Now What?
  • How Writing A Blog Can Benefit Your Career, Company And Find Candidates
  • A Conversation Around Talent Communities
  • Social Media Q&A
  • Closing Candidates: The Last Ten Yards Are The Hardest

April 2010:

  • Recruiting: The Candidate Experience
  • Online Recruiting: What Are We Thinking?
  • Transforming Talent Needs at Deluxe: Identifying the Opportunity to Build and Engage in Talent Community

December 2009:

  • Using Social Media in HR & Recruiting
  • Social Networking – A Practical and Legal Discussion of Employment and Privacy Issues
  • What If Job Boards Died? Where Would You Get Candidates?

July 2009:

  • Where Are We Headed?
  • Sacred Cow Tipping
  • Game Changing Recruiting Shifts

March 2009:

  • Employment Branding 2.0: Branding Your Organization To Attract – Engage & Retain A Level Talent
  • An Employment Brand Story: the Geek Squad
  • Recruiter Panel

November 2008:

  • Social Media Panel
  • Deep Structure Recruiting
  • SEO/SEM More Than Just Hype

July 2008:

  • Spiky and Flat: How Demographics Make Local Regions The Most Important Part of the Flat World
  • Recruiting IQ
  • The Rapidly Changing Local Media Landscape: What’s Happening and Why It Matters
  • Advanced Social Network Recruiting Techniques
  • Recruiting As If People Mattered

May 2008:

  • Foundations for Diversity
  • Building a Value Added Recruiting Function
  • Creating and Building Passive Candidate and Talent Pools 101

February 2008:

  • A legal perspective on privacy issues in the work place, Googling candidates, use of blogs and social networking sites
  • Changing labor market, demographics, statistics from the State of Minnesota
  • The current state of the Twin Cities IT marketplace

November 2007:

  • Talent Acquisition "How NOT to put a Square Peg in a Round Hole"
  • Top 10 SEO Tips For Company Job Boards
  • Web Recruiting: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

July 2007:

  • Intergenerational Recruiting
  • MySpace, Facebook, and Other Social Network Sites: Best Practices for Recruiters
  • Blogging as a Recruiting and Employer Branding Tool
  • "Bringing Sexy Back" To Your Career Website

When is the next event scheduled?

The Minnesota Recruiters Conference #13 | Winter 2011 will be February/March 2011.

Many members have requested more frequent gatherings but doing so on the conference scale every month is difficult to do. Instead we will focus on one topic a month that may be presented by webinar with an out of town guest speaker, a follow-up and more in depth presentation from a conference, or a topic that may interest a very small part of the larger group.

What is coming next for the group?

Webinars of some recent presentations.

Minnesota Recruiters 2010 Sponsors:


Logo ideas


CATS Applicant Tracking System


Group Sponsor and Co-Founder:

Don Ramer, CEO of Arbita

Volunteers and Co-Founders:

Paul DeBettignies, Coordinator of Minnesota Recruiters, Managing Partner of Nerd Search, blog writer  @MNHeadhunter

Nicole Bodem, Director, Search Engine Marketing at Bernard Hodes Group, blog writer HR Search Marketing @nicolebodem

Josh Kahn, Manager, Emerging Media Technology at Best Buy @joshuakahn

Steven Rothberg, CEO and Founder of @StevenRothberg

Toby Dayton, President and CEO of JobDig, blog writer Diggings @tobydayton

How do I join?

In order “join” the Minnesota Recruiters group, do any (or all) of the following: create a profile on the Minnesota Recruiters web site, join the Minnesota Recruiters LinkedIn Group and/or send an email with "Add me to your list" in the subject line to

To request more information or ask a question not covered above, please contact:

Paul DeBettignies
Minnesota Recruiters
Co-Founder and Coordinator


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