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Minnesota Recruiters Conference 11 | Summer 2010 Invite

The 11th Minnesota Recruiters Conference will be held July 30th, 2010 at General Mills Corporate Headquarters.

General Mills

We are getting back to our original idea with this event and holding a structured unconference.

Our first couple of events had 125 or so in attendance and it was a lot easier to have conversations with the presenters. As demand and space grew we went in the direction of a more traditional event of speakers and attendees.

For this event we will start with a recruiter panel and then move into 3 sessions that are 45 minutes in length. We will have 4 sessions going at a time.

Attendees are encourage to participate, ask questions, engage with the session leaders.

Here is the formal invite of the event:

Minnesota Recruiters 11 Summer 2010 invite FINAL

Who should attend this event:

  • Corporate Recruiters
  • HR
  • VPs/Directors/Managers
  • Staffing Specialists/Managers
  • HR Recruiters
  • Workforce Planning Professionals
  • Researchers/Sourcers
  • Search Firm Professionals

Registration – Capacity is 200

Note - There is a $25 non refundable registration fee for each Minnesota Recruiters event.

Breakfast - Will be served from 7:15 am – 8:30 am with snacks and beverages all morning.

Registration Link: Minnesota Recruiters Conference 11

Here is the agenda (please note the added session from David Lee):


8:05 – 8:15 Introductions 8:15 – 9:00 Recruiter Panel
9:15 – 10:00 Session I

12 Year Old And The Ferrari --> Room CRC 221

Patti Yaritz, Principal at Divercities Research and Recruitment

A conversation around who is best the positioned to drive the recruiting process.

Search/Consulting Firm Roundtable --> Room CRC 226

Paul DeBettignies, Managing Partner Nerd Search, LLC

The “Great Recession” has had a significant impact on the Search and Consulting Firm industry. We may share horror stories and seek a little therapy but will focus on an improving market, talk about rates and margins and how the local market looks going forward.

Writing A Better Job Ad --> Room CRC 222

Josh Rock, Account Executive at JobDig/LinkUp

Josh will be discussing writing better job descriptions and job postings. He will also touch on how to make sure you are putting your ads on your company site so they can be “seen” by search engines and aggregators, and more importantly, the right candidates.

Strength in Planning...The Army Strong Way --> Room CRM 430

David A. Lee, CMO of FlashNotes.com and former Marketing Director for the Army Strong Campaign

Imagine trying to recruit Soldiers during a time of war.  Learn the planning process used by the Army that allowed them to integrate social media into their marketing effort and reduce their marketing budget from $450M/yr to $210M/yr.  Come join the conversation on how planning can help improve how you communicate using social media.

10:15 – 11:00 Session II

Employee Referral Programs: Taking Them To The Next Level, A Case Study --> Room CRC 221

Kevin Gunn, Director Talent Acquisition & Development at ev3

Erica Steffenson, Principal Recruiter at ev3

This interactive session will focus on how we took an underperforming Employee Referral Program and transformed it into one of our best sources for hiring exceptional people. We’ll explain our entire program including the research involved to develop a “best in class” program, our new ERP program, the focus on candidate and employee experience, and how we market this program. Finally we will share the results and take a look at what’s next for us as we discuss network referrals and using Facebook to drive additional referrals through our employees and their network.

Contingent Labor Vendors – Insight From The Eyes Of The Business And Procurement --> Room CRC 222

Rajat Relan, Director of Enterprise Sourcing Strategy and Procurement at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota

Inspire companies and vendors to work together in order to create solutions where both parties win. Learn about how contingent labor vendors fit in a company sourcing strategy, the mysterious preferred vendor list and how vendors can add greater value to a company.

So I Signed Up For Twitter. Now What? --> Room CRM 430

Sean Ryan, VP Marketing at CATS Software

This is the "Twitter 101" session you've been waiting for. "@", "#", "DM" have you confused? Not sure that Twitter would or should play a role in your recruiting? This session lays out a plan for you to be Twitter-Literate, and start implementing a real communications plan using Twitter. Sean Ryan, a former TV News reporter who as been able to translate the trade of "finding and dispensing news" into "finding and placing candidates" - He shows you how Twitter can be a valuable tool in your "communications tool-belt"

How Writing A Blog Can Benefit Your Career, Company And Find Candidates --> Room CRC 226

Lisa Rosendahl, Human Resource Director at VA Medical Center

The yellow brick road is not lined with blogs but they are a key part of any social media strategy. Lisa writes an award winning blog and she will share how it has been a benefit to her. Lisa is also starting a company blog and will share those experiences too.

11:15 – 12:00 Session III

A Conversation Around Talent Communities -- > Room CRC 221

Stacy Van Meter, Talent Community Manager at Deluxe Corporation

Tom Steele, Web 2.0 Guru at Jobs2Web

This event is aimed at educat­ing you on new technologies and strategies around building a talent community. You’ll see how a talent community evolves, learn how to get key stakeholders involved such as hiring managers and recruiters, see how to measure key metrics, and what the long range benefits of building your own community might be.

Social Media Q&A -> Room CRC 226

Rick Mahn, Founder of Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis & St Paul

You have all these questions about Social Media, blogs, video, etc and are wondering how to get started, how to take the next step or how to plan a strategy. Take this opportunity to ask one of the areas most experienced professionals what he would do if he were you. It’s OK to ask the most basic or advanced questions, the billing meter is not running.

Closing Candidates: The Last Ten Yards Are The Hardest --> Room CRC 222

Paul DeBettignies, Managing Partner Nerd Search, LLC

Lately it seems everyone talks about marketing/branding, social media, researching/sourcing/recruiting candidates but none of that matters if you cannot get them to say yes. This session will help you cross the goal line at a higher rate

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