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Aww heck, I went quite a few days in a row and then poof, almost three weeks go by. A new month maybe I can get on a roll again with these “daily” posts.

There are a few really random topics that are on my mind from the past weeks and I am going to get them out of my head now to free up some bandwidth.

Valentine’s Day

Even though single I enjoy the day but something struck me while I was making my morning delivery of flowers to some folks to brighten up their day... why do most people only express their feelings to this extent one day a year? More than that, why is there is much pressure leading up to it? Dinner, flowers and gifts, etc. Seems to me if we told those we love more often that we do there would be a lot less stress. And lot more really wonderful days.


I watched very little of the games other than hockey, curling and short track speed skating. I missed almost all of the figure skating and skiing events that I also like to watch. Back to hockey, not just thinking of USA vs. Canada there were some amazing games during the tournament. I wonder if the momentum will help attendance and viewership as the season marches to the playoffs. I miss not having sports on during the day.

March Madness

My next favorite sports season is right around the corner. While a big fan of the Big Dance I like watching Championship Week better and particularly the small school conferences. When a conference only gets one team into the 64 those championship games are so much more intense. And watching their fans take the court after a victory is really one of the best moments to see.

Senator Bunning

While a fiscal conservative and agree to some degree with Sen Bunning what a jerk for picking this particular time to hold up the Senate. He was messing with millions of people and their unemployment insurance. These folks are stressed enough and many of them barely hanging on financially. What a poor time to make a point.


I will do some links next time but there are clear signs the economy has bounced off the bottom with employment lagging behind (as is usual) and while the survey numbers are good news almost every analyst uses a some word like “anemic” when describing the pace of the economic recovery.


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