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February 11, 2010


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Fabulous story and great work on behalf of this manager to understand the candidate experience. Thank you for sharing!


This is great stuff and it truly does reflect the recruiting process at a lot of companies. I'd be willing to bet that even when an internal applicant applies online, the process is still pretty rocky. Thanks for sharing!


Wow, thank you for taking the time to see things from the "other" side! I had both good and bad experiences looking for jobs, but so many companies turn people away permanently with their lack of response or poor recruiting practices, hurting both sides in the long run. Great story!

Matthew Heusser

The HR/Recruiters claim they were understaffed. I dunno. I wonder if you look at how many open positions there were, how many recruiters, and how many applications, and consider a 40-hour work week, if the recruiters were actually understaffed at all. I /suspect/ what's going on is that the recruiters have compliance work, meetings, "special projects", etc that take up > 50% of their time.

In my work with technology team, I find it's common for the team to spend less than 50% of it's time actually doing the work that is espoused to be the purpose of the group - or even work /around/ the theme.

I'd suggest asking the recruiters to mark how they are spending their time for a week, then see what can be flat out slashed out.

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