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I am having one of those moments where I am sitting at my desk and wondering where to start and instead of doing something productive I have looked at a bunch of web sites, watched Morning Joe and looked through my TweetDeck stream. Busy is not productive.

And I still have no idea where to start so I am doing this blog post in hopes that I can get my mind “jump started”.

So since all I have done so far is to look at blogs and news sites here is a list of links for you to check out from the past two mornings…


Recruiter and HR:

Local blog posts from

A caution for those reading this via RSS/Email Feed, at some point in the next week I am going to do a mind dump of blog posts on two subjects: events I have attended and employment statistics. This will be sort of like the Diet Coke and Mentos experiment of a few years ago.


I subscribe via RSS. Let's talk about the social recruiting summit in May. What are the plans? Where are we going to dinner? Who's buying drinks? Those are the important issues that I keep close to my heart.

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