Why The Undercover Boss Should Be An Undercover Job Seeker Part 2 Of 3
Why The Undercover Boss Should Be An Undercover Job Seeker Part 3 Of 3

Minnesota Morning

I should not say this but three days in a row of Minnesota Morning, I am on a roll. What’s the number it takes to make something a habit, 21 days? Baby steps Paul, baby steps. Stay focused, you know you can do it.

Yes, I am talking to myself. Yes, it happens often. It’s when the voices start having conversations and I am just a spectator. OK, the last two I was joking. I swear.

For better and worse Minnesota has been on cable news the past two days. No, not because of the snow storm (we have been trumped by our East Coast friends) but because of this billboard on I 35 north of Minneapolis:

Miss Me Yet George Bush

Here is another distinctly Minnesota thing, a parody of Empire State of Mind:

That’s right, “Put your mittens in the air” I love that line.

And because I am a big Alicia Keyes fan here is the real thing:


Hypocrisy in Politics:

Yesterday I picked on the Republicans a bit so to prove I am an equal opportunity critic the following is a video from White House Press Secretary Gibbs poking some fun at Sarah Palin and her crib sheet on her hand. I admit this is funny but I fail to see how this helps the political dialogue:


WARNING, if you read this in the coming weeks (and assuming I stay on my roll of posting regularly) you will be subjected to sports highlights, Red White and Blue, chants of USA, USA, USA and lots of mentions of Minnesota athletes at the game.

Unfortunately I start with a bummer from ESPN Vonn's status might become clearer regarding our local girl Lindsey Vonn and the injury to her shin that may keep her out of the Olympics. Blame it on Sports Illustrated? Is Lindsey Vonn a victim of the Sports Illustrated cover jinx?

Click Lindsey Vonn on Facebook and Lindsey Vonn on Twitter @lindseyvonn as she continues to update her friends and fans.

OK, now to the Daily Links…

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