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Minnesota Morning

I am so excited today as we have sun two days in a row!!! And no complaints from me regarding our 6”-10” snowfall as I watch the East Coast get dumped on again.

Here is a really cool time lapse video taken in Washington, D.C. every five minutes February 5-6, 2010:


Hypocrisy in Politics:

As a raging independent (notice the little “i”) there is a lot of material out there for someone like me to give either of the major political parties a lot of crap for the crap they dish out.

An example form the weekend was Sarah Palin giving President Obama some grief for reading teleprompters. By now most have seen photos/video of her “cheat sheet” she had on her hand.

Last night I caught a bit of The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC. No secret she is a liberal Democrat but I find that when I disagree with her (often) I still like her. Here is a video clip about how the Republicans voted against the stimulus bill yet are taking photos in their district as money comes in and how important it has been to their area.

The video is 10 minutes long but watch the first 5 minutes for sure, you will get where she is going with this.

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