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January 05, 2010


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HR Minion

Go and kick some ass this year Paul! :)


"Deeply engage with and introduce my friends and colleagues to each other"

That one really spoke to me. I have many friends in many groups, but they don't often crossover. Now I'm in this recruiter/food blogger/social media coordinator world that makes things even more confusing.

I also hear you on the blogging one. I have so many ideas and partial posts it's obnoxious.

Great goals! Keep at it. Learn to swim!


Take some dancing lessons and create videos on YouTube for the recruiting community. I'll bet 90% of the people don't know how to dance well and are missing out on a lot of basic fun for that reason.

Jennifer McClure

I've always heard that once you put something in writing and tell others - you're kinda committed. :)

I have no doubt that now that you've set your mind to do these things, you will get them done. It may also help to track your progress and report to a friend (or your blog readers) your progress. Accountability really helps.

Go forth and conquer my friend!

Jenny DeVaughn

Love the variety of goals you are going to reach in 2010!
Can't wait to see you in June at the Social Recruiting Summit and Tweetup.


Here's something I think about almost every day. Our lives are all about sex & death. We get jobs, buy stuff, and do things with our time in order to have sex.

We also make decisions, get jobs, do things, and have sex to prolong life and avoid death.

No matter where you are and what you do,there are two things that probably motivate you: sex and death.

Or am I just talking about myself here?

Sarah Gasparini

What a great list. I suspect you will find that people are fighting to get on your happy hour short list as much as they have the MN Recruiter events!

Build BeYourOwnHeadhunter.com - Remember I am with TCHRA and would love to link with you to see if we can find ways to support one another. If you are ever interested in presenting to TCHRA (potential audience of 1200) I would love to discuss.


Great list Paul, and an aggressive agenda for 2010! Looking forward to partnering with you on a few of these. Happy New Year!

BTW, I agree with Animal. Huge possibility here. I just bought the domain DancingWithRecruiters.com

Arik Hanson

I'd like to see you focus on the last two, Paul. But, #9 certainly intrigues me. I'm not sure I've EVER seen you quiet ;)

I'm glad you have a solid list of annual goals. It's a practice I've used for years and I'm always surprised how effective it is from a transformational thinking perspective. You'd be surprised how much you can stretch yourself if you just challenge yourself.


Joshua Kahn

Pauly doughnuts, go forth my friend. Good list. I suggest focusing on the "dancing partner" piece first. Done right, it will facilitate all the other goals.

Might I suggest a profile for your ideal gal. (Looks - that's up to you.) How about a U of M alum, bleeds maroon and gold, who happens also to be a skilled event organizer, and avid biker. She has at least 250 twitter followers ;), and north of 3000 tweets.

That's a start anyhow. Maybe you should write and post a description of sorts to the old blog here hmm?


You will make someone a fine husband and some munchkins a great dad. I agree with Josh's suggestion that you create a profile for the type of woman you want even if you choose to not post it publicly. Send it my way. We know some wonderful women who deserve wonderful men like you.

Minnesota Headhunter

Shauna: Thankfully so far there has been some ass whooping and so far not mine.

Crystal: I decided to just finish them and hit post. There is a long line of them but it is getting me back in the groove. Give it a try.

Animal: Dance lessons are on the extended version and no doubt the video would go viral at my expense.

Jennifer: At the top of this post I am going to add a Win/Loss/Tie and come back here every Monday and grade myself for the previous week.

Jenny: You, me, drinks and Sponge Bob Square Pants.

Laurie: Sex and death... I think if you get it down to the lowest common denominator you might have it right.

Sarah: I am interested in the webinars and am wondering not just if I do one but if we can get "whoever" and do a webinar a month and promote within all the groups. This way we get content to our colleagues more efficiently. Read that as less work for us :)

Jason: No more talking we need to start walking. Hell, I‘ll take crawling but time to move.

Arik: How about I talk less and you talk more, deal?

Josh: You might be on to something. Since you are The Man in writing these kinds of descriptions I might lean on you to lend a hand. I say this because I am already learning that many friends have “The One” but who they think I should hang out with does not seem to jive with my ideas.

Steven: Once we get the “job description”... scratch that we will call it a “hiring profile” I will be sure you see it.

Minnesota Headhunter

Amybeth Hale just left me this link on Twitter. She thinks #23 is most important: A Guide to Holiday Romance: Girls to Avoid http://gawker.com/5419348/a-guide-to-holiday-romance-girls-to-avoid

I forgot to mention in my last comment a funny exchange on Facebook with my best friend and I. He is who I sit next to and travel with for Gopher football games...

Jason: The Gophers back in the Rose Bowl or Paul on a date...this year we may finally have an answer to which will occur first.

Me: Dude.... where's the love?

Jason: If it's any consolation I would bet on you over the Gophers




I love the list and goals, if you live life through child like eyes much of these will be accomplished with just that one change. As for the dating piece, it is about damn time :)I would love to hear what you are looking for there are applications I can send your way! EMC

Lesley Farnham

Outstanding list Paul - honest and heartfelt. Still can't believe I've known you for over 20 year (getting near 25 - oh, that's scary) and never knew you didn't swim. Thinking back on our good ol' HS days --- we did do way more cruising the lakes and laying on the beach or grass. Did we ever go in the water????

So - other than football - what are you looking for in a lady?

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