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The Fastest Growing Companies - Who's Hiring Vol VI

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From: CareerAlley

So where are we in the recession life-cycle? Not sure that anyone really knows the answer yet, but we are all hoping that we are about at bottom and this recent quiet period is not just a temporary lull in the downward spiral. That being said, jobs will still be lost - especially in the automotive related industries. So hopefully the fastest growing companies are the fastest at job creation too. Picking up where we left off on the last volume in this series.

  • Gulfport Energy - Ranked 23rd on the list, Gulfport is an independent oil and gas producer. Their career page has a brief overview along with a snailmail address and email address for sending resumes. There is no listing of job openings on their website nor can you register on their site.
  • Google - No explanation needed here. As large as Google is, they still managed to make it to the fastest growing list. Their career site has a company overview along with a link for "What's it like to work at Google". Left hand side of the page has links for Life at Google, Office Locations, Joining Google and Student Jobs. The middle of the page has links for locations (US and International) as well as links to find out more about specific job functions. Click on any of the job functions to search for specific jobs.
  • Blackrock - The money management firm, ranked 25th on the list, still managed to grow fast in a down market. Their main careers page has links on the left for Analysts & Associates, Professional Opportunities, New Hires and more. The middle of the page has company information with a few links for additional information. Click on any of the links on the left to go to a function specific page. Once there, click your location from the Apply for Jobs box on the right hand side of the page. This will lead to a job search page for that location.
  • Metalico - Not to be confused with the band (similar name), Metalico is "is a Ferrous and Non-Ferrous scrap metal processor operating in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Texas and Mississippi. Metalico, Inc. is also the nation's largest fabricator of lead based products, other than batteries. " based on their main page. Their career page is, to be frank, not worth the space. There is a brief paragraph on the company along with an email address for resume submission.
  • GameStop - If you ever wanted to play games as a job (and get paid for it), now's your chance. Gamestop, ranked 27 on the list is not only a fast growing company, but it is also on the Fortune 500 list. Their main career site has a brief over view (center page) and tabs on the left hand side of the page to select where in the organization you would like to work (Stores, Home Office, Distribution, etc.). There are additional links for benefits and Application Paperwork. So your mother was wrong, you can make a living playing games!
Good luck in your search.

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