Theme for 2010: Don’t Look Back
Management Vs. Leadership Mindset: What Millennial Employees Need To Know As They Enter Leadership Roles

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After putting up these two posts today What Price Would You Pay For Your Dream Job? and Theme for 2010: Don’t Look Back I think I have said enough for one day :)

Instead I will leave you with some highlights from my Twitter stream going back the past 10 days or so. Most of them are not from me and if you are using Twitter I would recommend giving these folks a follow.

Oh, there is no rhyme or reason to these. Some are work, sports, life related or funny, thoughtful things (I have added some links to names and articles) and are in reverse chronological order (in other words start at the bottom):

December 29, 2009

  • Steven Sorsveen MnITGUY

    Most people say that as you get old, you have to give things up. I think you get old BECAUSE you give these things up!

  • Bob Collins bcollinsmn

    the Wolves are just 1 player away from being just 1 player away from just being 1 player away from being just 1 player away from being good.

  • robinmarty robinmarty

coudn't find my lipstick, just stole violet's dora lipgloss #mamadateprep

  • Jennifer JessopDrake jajessop

    doesn't understand why companies bend over backwards for new hires, but not for their current employees.

  • Albert Maruggi AlbertMaruggi

    My aunt just told me "it's not the years in your life, but the life in your years that count." cool eh?

  • J Wynia jwynia

    @MNHeadhunter If you are 30, are you still in your 20's? If not, 2010 is new decade.


    December 28, 20009

    Boo! #vikings- Still a Favre fan - love AP- and if the team moves to LA, MSP will be the new DesMoines - ick!

  • Colby Gergen ColbyWG

    that's a lot of drinks... RT @MNHeadhunter: RT @WCFHester23: ***ATTN ALL BEARS FANS: THEY SAID #BRETTFAVRE 179 TIMES THIS GAME***

  • ««ø×WCFHester23×ø»»™ WCFHester23

    ***ATTN ALL BEARS FANS: THEY SAID #BRETTFAVRE 179 TIMES THIS GAME*** *** #Bears #Viqueens #MNF #Gruden ***

  • Libby Issendorf libbyjuju

    @MNHeadhunter tweeting while watching MN sports makes me feel like i'm in a really nerdy sports bar

  • Brian Kennett btkennett

    Best part of being a #packer fan tonight...doesn't matter. Night y'all!

  • David DeCoded justacoolcat

  • Everytime a #bears fan boos an angel gets it's wings. #vikings

  • fakesid fakesid

    I'm too old for this

  • Ryan Schwartz ryguyMN

  • I could sell Vikings bandwagon space, but I probably won't get much money for it...

  • Kyle Borchardt kborch88

    will someone please buy brad childress a xbox and a copy of madden??? maybe then he will learn some playcalling strategy

  • Colby Gergen ColbyWG

    Chicago Bears fans: the next few hours are going to be painful. You might want to set your Tweetdecks to 'stfu' ahead of time.

  • Kate-Madonna girlmeetsgeek

    So I tried to put the tree back in its box. #xmasfail


    December 27, 2009

    • patrickrhone patrickrhone

      I'm thinking there may be a market in being the guy who helps to un-train you of all the "tips" that the "experts" teach you.

    • andrew eklund aeklund

      I'm just riffing here... Fact is there's no certifiable "expert" ranking for social media. So we have to make up our own filters.

    • andrew eklund aeklund

      A social media persona is one who has cultivated a large personal following through wit, sharing, insights, and/or wisdom.

    • andrew eklund aeklund

      A social media practitioner knows how to use a variety of social media tools.

    • andrew eklund aeklund

      A social media expert has repeatedly created measurable value that align with organizational goals.

    • David Erickson derickson

      @arikhanson "Social Media Expert" search volume from Google Insights for Search: CC: @threevolts @breon

    • patrickrhone patrickrhone

    The best things:

  • David Newberger davidtc

  • By claiming to be a social media guru you have just tried to fit a square where a circle should be!


    December 26, 2009


    December 25, 2009

    • Maren Hogan marenhogan

      There is a nerf bullet and lego palm trees in the nativity set. Also a wise man fell over and is smothering the baby Jesus.


    December 24, 2009

    • Ben B Dubblebee

      Is Jesus cool with updating your status during midnight mass?

    • J Wynia jwynia

    Sir Isaac Newton would like to remind all Minnesotans that his laws of motion have not been repealed just because you're in an SUV.

  • Erica Mayer ericamayer

  • There is only one cause of unhappiness: the false beliefs you have in your head...question them. -DeMello

  • Amy Bryant amysbryant

    I swear I'm hearing bells jingle. I guess I believe.

  • Eric Perkins PerkatPlay

    Santa has to hit 843 homes per second to hit the entire world... he's in Mongolia as we speak.... kick butt Nick Dawg!


    December 22, 2009

    • Michael Kraabel kraabel

      Turned on fox sports. Thought it was wolves pre-game because of the empty stands. It was halftime. I hope it was pre-recorded.

    • Paul DeBettignies MNHeadhunter

    Time to find a CEO for me. And for those wondering I mean a business CEO. Although, a work/home boss sounds good too :)

  • Jesse Stremcha stremcha

    RT @lynseystruthers: Considering the sensationalism of this week's impending blizzard, I hereby declare a new hashtag: #snowlyshit. Pls RT.

  • Steven Sorsveen MnITGUY

    We're about to be hit with 3 days straight of global warming


    December 21, 2009

    Steven Sorsveen MnITGUY

    Once again, today has been brought to you by the letters W, T and F!

    Laurie Ruettimann lruettimann

    @CincyRecruiter @MNHeadhunter F bomb Mondays? Who's starting that feature on their blog? Anyone? Anyone? It's needed.

  • George Fiddler georgefiddler

    The girlfriend said she wants "new black pumps" for Xmas. Are these them?

  • Gregg Litman GRLitman

    Spoken like a true Gopher fan. Still find hope in darkest days... RT @MNHeadhunter: Happy shortest day of the year. It only gets better :)

  • NickColeman NickColeman

    Economy sux, Congress sux, Afganwar sux, and Minnesotans are in a real funk because??? Vikings suck too. Oh, woe is us.


    December 20, 2009


    December 19, 2009

    • Paul DeBettignies MNHeadhunter

      RT @wtongen: 80% of drivers say 'OH SH!T' as they slide into the ditch. The other 20% (from Minnesota) say, 'HOLD MY BEER AND WATCH THIS.'

    • Paul DeBettignies MNHeadhunter

      WTF: That the Senate is on session on a Saturday in a snow storm should not be news, this is as it should be


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