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Christmas 2009 Winter Storm | Snowmaggedon | Birth Of Frosty The Snowman

Happy Holidays to everyone. Looks like the professional weather predictors got this one right or, Mother Nature was predictable for a change. I mean, how many of these storms over the past couple of years have been duds?

These types of storms are called a Panhandle Hook or Texas Hooker. Seriously, not making that up.

The folks online are using words like snowmageddon, snowpocalypse, snownami, hohosnow, and what I think will be my favorite (even though it is not used much) snowlyshit.

But this post is dedicated to the birth of Frosty the Snowman or on this case, snowmen.


If you have a picture of a snowman photo send it to, message me on Twitter, post a link below. I will give you links to your web sites if you like. Kids in photos are most appreciated. Name your snowman after all, he is going to be around for a while.

From Desarae A. Veit @desaraev

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