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Increase Relevant Traffic To Your Career Site w/ Content Re-purposing

The following post is courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap:

From: Nicole Bodem Chief SEO Geek for Arbita

One of the biggest challenges with blogs is coming up with new and fresh content on a regular basis and you are not alone, note the date on my last blog post. It’s especially challenging in this economy where resources are completely tapped.

One solution is to use a resource called The Recruiting blogswap. The Recruiting Blogswap is a FREE service of job board,, but is used by an international collection of job boards, recruiting blogs, and other career sites.

How it Works:

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Job Search Marketing Toolkit – Interviews

The following post is courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap:

From: CareerAlley

Interviews. Sounds fairly easy, all you have to do is talk about what you’ve done and how that relates to the job opportunity. In fact, the interview is the hardest part of the job search process and the single largest reason why people don’t get the job. Yes, you must have a great resume with relevant experience, but can you interview? But interviewing is not just talking about yourself, it’s asking the right questions, giving the right answers and expressing yourself in the right way.

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Career Amnesia

The following post is courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap:

From: Peter Weddle

You may have seen the news story.  A teen was recently found in New York City with no memory of her name or personal history.  Her amnesia was profound.  Happily, however, the story ends well, as a CNN viewer recognized the girl’s photo and identified her as a missing person from Oregon.  She’s now on her way to being reunited with her family.

But think about what it would be like to be in her situation.  Not knowing who you are.  Unable to remember anything that’s important about you or to you.  It would be a horrible even desperate condition.  Without our self-identify, we are … well, that’s the point—without our self-identity, we aren’t.

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Job Seekers: Body-Slam Your Competition

The following post is courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap:

From: Lorraine Russo

As job seekers look for ways to stand out from the crowd—and as recruiters continue to whine and complain about the increasing volume of resumes of unqualified candidates filling their inboxes—job seekers today need to be more innovative with body-slamming their competition.

I use this term figuratively, of course.

Yes, job searching these days is a contact sport. With unemployment now at a 26-year high, your search requires solid action plans, follow-through, and the ability to assertively market and sell yourself — or an idea — to a potential employer. And while at all times you must remain professional and dignified, there ARE ways to get a hiring manager’s attention without having to walk the streets with a sandwich board saying “HIRE ME” hanging from your shoulders.

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Who's Hiring NOW from the Fortune 500 - Vol III

The following post is courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap:

From: CareerAlley


“In the end, all business operations can be reduced to three words: people, product and profits. Unless you've got a good team, you can't do much with the other two.” - Lee Iacocca People.

If you look at every successful company that has lasted over the long term (not just a flash in the pan) you will see that one common theme is people. As in a strong culture, good benefits, collaborative work environment, competitive pay, etc. Just read some of the books by Jim Collins and you will see what I mean.

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Pitfalls And Places You Should Avoid On Your Job Search

The following post is courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap:

From: Matthew Warzel, MJW Careers

When job seekers are out on their own and sometimes do not think long enough before they jump into an opportunity, that might come few and far between, it can sometimes backfire and in turn hurt them emotionally and financially.  These are some tips to read about some of the jobs out there that aren't worth pursuing:

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Paul DeBettignies A Panelist At University Of Minnesota Carlson School Of Management Event

While I truly have enjoyed all of the opportunities to be a presenter/panelist over the years I am super psyched for an event Tuesday October 20, 2009 at the University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management.

Being on the U of M campus is like being home for me and to be talking Recruiter, HR and Social Media topics is really cool. The bonus is the description of the event:

“Social Networking in Business: How to Navigate the Playing Field without Fumbling the Ball"

6:00 to 7:30 p.m.
Hanson Hall Room 1-109

Football is back on the University of Minnesota campus this fall and excitement is in the air!  This professional development event on the implications of social networking in professional work environments will kick off with comments from subject matter experts in the fields of recruiting and employment law.  We will also huddle as large and small groups to discuss using Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, etc. in the business world from the perspectives of students, alumni and other human resource professionals.

The subject matter experts for this event include:

  • Sarah Beaty, University Relations Leader for U.S. Recruiting at General Mills
  • Teresa Thompson, Attorney with expertise in legal issues surrounding technology in the workplace, from Fredrikson & Byron, P.A
  • Adam Sprecher, Business Development Manager, Oberon.
  • Paul DeBettignies, Author of the Minnesota Headhunter Blog

So I get to be a part of a Recruiter/HR chat about Social Media on the University of Minnesota campus with a football theme. Heaven for this guy.

Go Gophers!!!

And a Minnesota Rouser too:

Finding Great Job Opportunities in Recession – Take Two

The following post is courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap:

From: HRM Business Practices and Notes

“It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed. ~Theodore Roosevelt”

How many of us who can identify with what Roosevelt said? It pays to remember that he was the sitting President during the great depression, so that you can put that on the right perspective.

Unfavorable circumstances can easily derail us from our goals; we never try for fear of failure. It is easier for us somehow to blame the global financial pandemonium or other life’s tragedy, or make an excuse out of them to justify our inactivity.

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Paul DeBettignies Quoted In The Minneapolis StarTribune Career Article “Balanced Networking”

Below is an article from the October 11, 2009 career section of the Minneapolis StarTribune

Balanced Networking

October 11, 2009

By Brett Pyrtle, Minneapolis StarTribune

Facebook, LinkedIn and other electronic tools are great ways to build a network. But smart job seekers don't limit their connections to cyberspace.

Fueled by an economic downturn, social and career networking sites are full of people using their computers to stay connected with one another. But in a job search, an online approach to networking will only go so far.

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