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Free Webinar: Using Cell Phone Text Messaging To Recruit College Students

Steven Rothberg of CollegeRecruiter.com is doing a free webinar this Thursday (Sept 25, 2008) from 1 pm – 2 pm (CT):

Best Practices for Using Cell Phone Text Messaging to Recruit College Students (Click the link to sign up)

This is Steven’s second free webinar. “How to Use Facebook for Recruiting” was a big success and had 500+ recruiters on the call.

Click How Employers Can & Should Use Facebook for Recruiting - Webinar Blog Coverage to see some notes Nicole Bodem took on the event

I will be attendance for this second webinar, literally.

Steven’s office is in a suburb of Minneapolis and I am going to watch how his team does the webinar. I have a couple of projects that I have been thinking about and doing webinars may be a part. Getting a behind the scenes perspective will be good for me and I appreciate their willingness to let me in.

Now I just need to remind myself not to make faces at him while he is doing it.


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