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Daily Twitter Notes

Daily Twitter Notes

Sometimes the day does not allow a blog post let alone write about things on my mind or I hear about like economic, political, local news (sports too).

With Twitter, you at least get some of the flavor, a flash moment during the day, of what I am thinking about. You can follow during the day or see the digest below.

Here are the highlights of my recent Twitter activity. If you want to see the full version click MN Headhunter on Twitter

MN Headhunter on Twitter | August 25, 2008 - August 23, 2008 (last one first, links added):

August 25, 2008

  • Dem's enough about the Clinton surplus. It was a bubble, not sustainable and it burst. Would have busted if Bush or Gore as Pres
  • Some Rep's not being polite about Kennedy. Wonder if Nancy Reagan gave a speech and Dem's replied the same way. The middle is a lonely place
  • Received an email from 2 friends, one a Rep and one a Dem. They reminded me the only thing in the middle is a dashed line and road kill
  • Lots of DM's let me try this. OK, if Bush logic was false and if it is also for Obama and if McCain more of the same. We really are SCREWED
  • 8 years ago Rep's said Bush ready and fit and will put smart people around him. Same being said for Obama now. If valid then maybe it is now
  • FOX commentator: "Is he fit to be President, is he ready to be Commander in Chief?" Same stuff said about Bush eight years ago.
  • @researchgoddess I am to the point where I think we need a new direction. Just as I felt after 8 years of Clinton. MCCain, more of the same
  • As expected: FOX News commentators did not like Michelle Obama speach. MSNBC commentators did.
  • Was a fan of Michelle Obama before. Much bigger fan now. With addition of Biden the undecided voter in me is starting to lean hard, but open
  • Interested in Gopher football or college football in general? To respect all my Twitter friends I have created @gophers You are welcome :)
  • MSNBC on DNC: A production light was too close to a sprinkler head and was set off drenching the booth of FOX News. Accident or sabotage?
  • Waking up to the Olympics the past two weeks, awesome. Waking up to politics the next ten days, or until November, not so awesome.

August 24, 2008

  • @davehuston There are a few of these in town Being an advisor to a fraternity keeps me young :)
  • Following the travels of #smprius as it heads to Northfield, MN for a Tweet Up. Hoping they are not driving slow in the left lane :)
  • @TheRecruiterGuy I agree with your perspective on WL and Ning. The tone of the WL email is not good. They may be right but bad communication

August 23, 2008

  • @glarocque I have been and always will be a KG fan. Thrilled he got his and hope it happens again. Very disappointed it did not happen here
  • Like Pavlov's puppies, the Vikings game started and I fell asleep. 2 hour nap on a Saturday evening. Over/under on bed time, 4 am.
  • Allina Hospitals & Clinics on Twitter with @AllinaComm
  • Biden: Talking about tough times at the kitchen table and housing issues says McCain will have to figure out which of 7 tables to sit at
  • I am a big fan of Biden. Wonder if he over shadows Obama. One step further, in a VP debate, what Republican can match Biden? Does it matter?


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