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Minnesota Recruiters Featured On Ning Blog

This was a pleasant surprise and I have no idea how it came about. It is nice to know that experts in social media think what we are doing with our site is cool.

Sometimes, much of the time, I feel like I am “winging” this but maybe I know what I am doing after all. It has helped my learning curve to watch and participate in the site run by Jason Davis at RecruitingBlogs.com.

Here is the link from the Ning Blog May 3, 2008:

Sharing ideas with Minnesota Recruiters

If you are thinking of start an online group I know there are a lot of platforms one can use but Ning is far and away the best (and easiest) to use. There are a lot of tools that come with the site. It can be customized and widgets from other providers are easy to put in.

Most of all, the couple of tech support issues I have had (caused by me not Ning) were quickly responded to.

You do not need to be an expert to set this up and if you such a person you will find it a good start to do with it as you wish.


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