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Jason Alba With Minnesota Recruiters At JobDig

April 28, 2008 we had our first Minnesota Recruiters topic session. We were fortunate that Jason Alba of JibberJobber.com was in Minneapolis for the week and had time to speak with us.

This was the first time in a 2+ year online and phone friendship that I was able to meet Jason in person.

Here is the PR material for the event:

Social Tools and Technologies for Recruiters

LinkedIn is obviously a powerful tool for recruiters.  What about other social tools, such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs?  How can recruiters develop and execute a social networking strategy that will help them find new (and passive) candidates, engage with them and develop a relationship, enriching their candidate pool? Join Jason Alba as he shares what he’s learned as a job seeker and career management advocate, taking you on a tour of successful recruiter strategies with these four technologies.

How Jason started JibberJobber.com is a most interesting story which you can find by clicking Jason Alba’s Story.

Here are some more links for Jason:

Jason covered a lot of material in 90 minutes including the use of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and more.

He also focused on the need to be authentic and transparent. Two traits that are vital when being online and I would say should be obvious things to do but I find many recruiters not doing it.

We had 40+ recruiters in the room and feedback from the event was very positive.

Jason sold some books and I picked up six for the Minnesota Recruiters (un)Conference.

I really appreciate the help from Toby Dayton and Molly Moseley of JobDig. They were great hosts and I look forward to doing this with them again.

After the event Jason, Steven Rothberg, Rick Deare, Katie Konrath and I had dinner where I kept the group somewhat amused with my many questions including why recruiters only post on job boards and do not take advantage of other tools. Many thanks to Steven for picking up the dinner bill.

Here are some blog posts about the event:

Here are a few pictures:

Minnesota Recruiters with Jason Alba, Jason Alba Minnesota Recruiters with Jason Alba, group photo

Minnesota Recruiters with Jason Alba, Paul Minnesota Recruiters with Jason Alba, Jason and Nicole


And here is a short video from the beginning of the event:


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