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Importance of Mentor Programs for Entry Level IT Grads

Author Byline:  Tahjia Chapman
Author Website: http://www.collegerecruiter.com

Professional development is a life-long experience for IT professionals and their careers are the source of future opportunities. While involved with an organization, some entry level IT grads are in need of mentors whom can teach them the ropes, prepare them for a career in IT, and become allies within your organization. Mentor programs benefit new IT grads and current professionals with extensive leadership experience. With a mentor program, you can dig into the talent available in your organization rather than outsourcing training to consulting firms. In today’s market, businesses that implement mentor programs are saving a lot of money to reinvest into their organizations.

Help Grads Break Into The IT Industry

Recent IT grads benefit from the guidance of experienced professionals through mentor programs. If you design your mentor program the right way, recent IT grads will develop career skills that enrich your organization. Companies with modeled mentor programs experience more productivity than those without. Your organization’s credibility could instill a sense of confidence in the mentees and the mentors’ leadership roles will overflow into the company. With mentor programs, your company can control the transition of the new hire. 

Control the Transition 

Hires with exceptional potential will take advantage of your mentor program to become professionals.  The mentor program could give your candidates opportunities to network and join organizations as stated in 5 Ways to Break Into Your Industry  by Kristie Lorette. Your company’s involvement with entry level hires controls their growth within the company and industry due to the influence your leaders instill in them. The transition from student to IT professional involves a variety experiences your leaders can introduce without ‘shocking’ the hire. 

Instill Loyalty Within Recent Grads

What is better than a loyal professional? Your mentor program could create a community of leaders who find professional development necessary. Your organization’s culture can and will change due to the new ideals instilled in your students. Recent grads in search of new opportunities can discuss their capabilities with their mentors. Mentors must listen and help with the growth of potential leaders by providing insightful experiences. The loyalty between the mentee and company will exceed your expectations. 

Are you interested in implementing a mentor program for your company? Take stock of potential leaders, objectives to accomplish, and when to begin a flight group. The examination of success can be measured by objective and subjective data collected from participants. The development of the mentor program is based solely on your company’s objectives. All mentor programs do not operate with the same model so dig into your creative juices to explore your company’s potential in incorporating leadership roles into entry level hire positions.

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