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So I did it. I started using Twitter the past couple of days. I think the reason it appeals to me now a third time taking a look at it is that it allows me to get to know people better.

You can find me at MNHeadhunter.

I had this post a few months ago Twitdicted Or Are You A Twitter Virgin Like Me and I am waiting for Katie to call me out.

In the case of “old” friends, it will allow me to know what they have been up to without doing the email or the phone call and when we talk it will be a more forward conversation versus an update on what has been. For example I know from following Katie on Twitter she and her family were down in Texas with her extended family.

For “new” friends it will give me a chance to get to know them better.

Some funny things get shared like my realization this evening that while doing a complete, top to bottom condo cleaning I had MTV’s Making the Band 4 on. The good news is there is some talent there. Live music, not lip synchers. The bad news is I think I dropped 20 IQ points.

I also saw the issues many of my friends have had with their children, Easter Bunny, candy, and sugar overloads.

I am following a mix of friends, local and national recruiters, local business and tech folks, and Snoop Dogg. Yes, Snoop D. O. Double G.

Still getting used to keeping entries short as you can only have 140 characters per entry including spaces. That’s tough for a long winded guy like me.

Getting used to Tiny URL and also text message lingo. I am not much of a text message guy. I prefer people just call or send an email.

As usual, I am guessing this one of those things I will be late to adopt and then fully embrace.

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