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Minnesota Recruiters (un)Conference | Winter 2008 | Recap

February 29th, 2008 a group of 125 local Recruiters, HR professionals and a few college students attended the third Minnesota Recruiters event at Best Buy corporate headquarters.

Feedback from the event has been as good as the first two and all of that is due to the sponsors and volunteers who are committed to the local Recruiter and HR community.

Event Sponsors:

JobDig, LinkUp, Oberon PR Material

Group Sponsor:

Nicole St. Martin, Josh Kahn and Steven Rothberg deserve more credit than they get for these events coming together. While my name many be all over the invites and email without their efforts 12 of us may be meeting at a Perkins with separate checks.

Without the support of Toby Dayton (JobDig) and CJ Dube (Oberon) this event would not have happened. And without the general support and calming influence from Don Ramer of Arbita I would not be as far as I am with the development of this group.

Putting on these events does take quite a bit of time away from my day job but so very rewarding. Over these past months I have been able to meet and develop relationships with a group of people that I might only casually know otherwise.

The nice thing about these folks is that it so easy to say nice things and promote them as they are really good people.

Before getting to the event and the presentations I want to mention one part of our event that is as much if not more important than the presentations, the networking sessions.

In the past during our 30 minute networking session it was sort of a free for all. This time we first went around the room and everyone introduced themselves. This really helped to get the personal conversations going.

From these introductions and with one on one conversation’s I had I learned that four of our colleagues attending were unemployed and actively seeking new employment. Since the event and because of connections they made, three of the four have accepted offers, one has already started, and the fourth has an offer being considered.

Very cool.

Some pictures of folks chatting during the event and lunch after:
Networking Networking 2 Networking 3 Chow Time
Individual Introductions

I also did an introduction of two student volunteers who are also members of my fraternity that I advise. They called me at 6:40 am, already at Best Buy, wondering where I was. “Leaving home was my response.” They were there long before I was. Thanks Kyle and Cory for helping unload boxes and for helping register everyone. Cory is looking for a summer internship in either finance or operations and I highly recommend. Click Cory Mand to see his LinkedIn profile.

Me and my boys:

Cory and Kyle, Student Volunteers Cory and Kyle, Student Volunteers 2

Cory and Kyle, Student Volunteers 3

Another student attendee was Jordan Douglas (click his name for his LinkedIn profile) who recently did an internship at Northwest Airlines. Jordan is a student at Minnesota State, Mankato and majoring in Human Resource Management. Jordan comes highly recommended from his manager at NWA and is seeking an internship for summer 2008.

Here are the presentations from the event (RSS readers will need to come to the page to see them):

T.J. Conley, Partner with Leonard, Street and Deinard, spoke about privacy issues in the workplace, monitoring the activities of its applicants and employees, background checks, googling applicants, and using social network sites.

T.J. took a lot of questions during his presentation and we will likely do a mini session with him in the coming months.

T.J. Leonard Presentation T.J. Leonard Presentation 2

Download minnesota_recruiters_winter_2008tj_conleyprivacy.PPT
Download minnesota_recruiters_winter_2008tj_conleyprivacyarticle_on_surveillance_in_the_workplace.DOC
Download minnesota_recruiters_winter_2008tj_conleyprivacyprehiring_checklist.DOC
Download minnesota_recruiters_winter_2008tj_conleyprivacyweblog_policy.DOC

Rachel Hillman, Regional Labor Market Analyst for the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, covered many things topics including current statistics employment numbers, demographics, and long term job projections.

Introducing Rachel Hillman

Download minnesota_recruiters_winter_2008rachel_hillmanchanging_labor_market_presentationv2.ppt

Joe Perzel, President and Founder of JPerzel & Assoc, provided a snap shot of the current IT market for employers in the Twin Cities including technology trends, what consultants are looking for, and what technologies are currently in demand.

Joe Perzel Presentation

Download minnesota_recruiters_winter_2008joe_perzelmn_it_marketv2.ppt

Here is my PowerPoint for the event:
Download minnesota_recruiters_winter_2008paulnotes.ppt

You will notice the announcement of the Minnesota Recruiters (un)Conference | Spring 2008 will be held May 16th, at Best Buy headquarters. This time we are moving from our conference room seating that holds 125 attendees to the theater and seating of 200+. While I have no illusion that we will have that many folks in attendance it does make a wait list not needed.

With the timing of the event I will be inviting local college and university students who have recently graduated in a HR related degree program and may be looking for their first job and/or are looking to jump start their networking within the profession.

The Minnesota Recruiters (un)Conference | Summer 2008 event is tentatively scheduled for July 18th and the location is TBD.

One last note, click Minnesota Recruiters to see more information on the group and to sign up for an infrequent email. Click Minnesota Recruiters LinkedIn to go to our recently created group. In both cases I will only be accepting requests from Recruiters and HR professionals in Minnesota.

A few candid shots from the event:

I wonder what Josh was reading that made him have such a funny look
Josh Sighing

My new pic that I will use on my LinkedIn, Facebook, and MySpace pages
Paul DeBettignies

Everyone and turn and wave at Nicole
Everyone Wave

Steven and I had been talking politics. Apparently I am a funny guy
I am not sure why Steven is laughing with or at me

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Is the next conference confirmed for July 18th? Is it for only 1 day? Don't suppose there are any follow-up events on that weekend (July 19/20th) or that next week...?



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