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Twitdicted Or Are You A Twitter Virgin Like Me

If you are in the practice of or know someone who is using Twitter you are familiar with a “tweet”. If not, you may think I am referring to Tweety Bird:


(“I tawt I taw a puddy tat...I did, I did!!!” I miss old school cartoons)

My buddy Katie came up with a new word, at least I think she is the originator, “Twitdicted” and wrote about it I’m twitdicted.

I am not addicted. I am not into Twitter. I am a Twitter Virgin and I am taking an oath of abstinence.

See the deal is I am not that exciting. And if you could see what was going on in my head, what I am thinking, what I am doing you too would need therapy. Not that I am in therapy but I always joke that the color of the sky in my world is ever changing. Lots of things going on at one time and not all of it makes sense. That goes back to what have some described as my ADD/OCD.

Now Katie, she is fun to follow in a non stalking sort of way. She is way more interesting, opinionated, and fast moving than me. Click Katie’s Twitter to have a glimpse into her life. She is a (depending on the moment) wife, mom, recruiter, and in her spare time she appeases her nerdy side.

Katie is always on the move so being on Twitter makes sense or is at least entertaining.

Here is a day with me:

  • Woke up at 8 am.
  • (and then in no particular order)
  • Read.
  • Read A lot.
  • Writing something.
  • Searching.
  • Researching.
  • Spent 3 hours on the phone.
  • Spent 3 hours on email.
  • Thought about something.
  • Thought about something else.
  • Worked out.
  • More phone time.
  • More email.
  • Went to bed at 3 am.

Not very exciting, at least to me. (I am working on that 3 am bedtime and 8 am waking up thing but I am a night owl by nature and have been in a pattern that has been tough to break) But maybe I am missing her points regarding networking and being able to search by keywords. I am still working on MySpace, LinkedIn, and oh yeah trying to post more regular on this blog. Maybe I think doing a “tweet” takes time away from typing here?

Before finishing, a funny digression (at least to me)...

If you look at Katie’s Twitter or blog URL, www.txaggie94.wordpress.com, you will see the reference to her Texas A&M Aggies. I wish my friend had her Twitter groove on last night during the Alamo Bowl between her Aggies and the Penn State Nittany Lions.

Here is how it would have gone:

  • Pregame: “We are going to kick the ‘crap’ (insert profanity here) out of Joe Paterno”
  • End of the 1st Quarter: “I told you so. Joe Pa is too old, Big 12 rolls over the Big Ten. Big Ten, that’s a joke they have eleven schools and call themselves ten. Losers.”
  • End of the 2nd Quarter: “(speechless and pacing)”
  • 3rd Quarter: FG!!! “Coming back. Aggies will roll.”
  • End of the 3rd Quarter: “Down 10? C’mon boys”
  • 4th Quarter: “Crap, CRAP”
  • 4th Quarter later: “ ‘crap’ ‘dang” (insert more profanity) this sucks”
  • End of the game: “Honey, can you get another bottle of wine?”
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Katie Tierney

I'm not that interesting. My kids are interesting, and my husband is interesting. My job - VERY interesting. I, however, am boring.

And, I probably only would have needed one tweet once the Aggies started to go South: "Coach Fran, YOU SUCK!" Quitting the day the Aggies beat the Hell outta t.u. was a crappy thing to do - almost as crappy as charging boosters $1200 a piece for inside information on players, injuries, etc. Coach Fran is a bad, bad man, and this loss was all his fault. :P

Happy New Year!!!

Geekygirl in the Twin Cities

Paul, do you every reply to emails? I sent you one on 12/31/2006 and again on 2/5/2007 seeing that your father was ill. I ended up contacting one of the non-profits listed and they were horrible. They embezzelled over $100,000. Do you do any sort of qualifications of these orgs?

MN Headhunter/Paul DeBettignies

The folowing was sent via email:


I apologize for not responding to your original email(s).

The intent of the page is to help nonprofit/community organizations and those with technology skill sets find each other. Most of the postings come from organizations that are part of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits and registered with the State of Minnesota.

I am not able to screen all of the postings just as I am not able to screen all of the volunteers that respond to the postings.

I am sorry that you had a bad experience.

Please reply with the name of the group so I can be sure not to post anything from them again.

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