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Veterans Day And HireAHero.com

On this like other Veterans Day I find myself thinking about those who are and those that have served our country including my college roommates and fraternity brothers, Andy and Eddy, both of whom who are in the Marine Corps. Both have done multiple tours in Iraq. Last I heard Andy is on his third tour while Eddy is getting ready for another deployment.

FYI, the Marine Corps founding is November 10th.

When the Iraq War, version 2, started Eddy was flying missions in his Super Cobra. At the time I was the chapter advisor of the fraternity and we came up with an idea to sponsor a care package drive that was written about in the U of M school paper, Greeks send supplies to troops.

When Eddy came back he brought with him a United States flag that flew over the Baath Headquarters in Tikrit that he brought to the chapter house:

Deke_US Flag_caption Deke_US Flag_Minnesota Wall

Deke_US Flag_Minnesota_Eddy_Paul_Dekes

Over the weekend while flipping through the channels I saw a story on CNN regarding a non profit called HireAHero.com and their online efforts to help veterans find jobs after their service in the military and to this country is done.

Here is a YouTube video from a CBS interview earlier this year:

After seeing the CNN story and then the video above I went to the web site to volunteer. The approach they are taking interests me in a couple of ways.

First, it is the right thing to do. The men and women of the armed forces have served our country and we should do everything we can to get them into the workforce with good jobs.

Second, using local networks and online social networks is of course something I teach and strongly believe in.

I look forward to finding out how I can be of help and I will surely be talking about the experience here on the blog.

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