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Richfield High School Class Of 1988 | 20 Year Reunion

Apparently I was lost but I have been found by way of my Facebook profile.

I missed the 5 year and made it to the 10 year. Funny thing is, I have not had any contact with anyone in many years. I am very happy that Mary found me. We were very close, I even hooked her up with my cousin after high school, and I miss her and a few others. I look forward to catching up with them.

The Richfield High School Class of 1988 20 year reunion is August 9, 2008. Click the previous link for the web site.

I took a stroll down memory lane, sort of a flashback to Breakfast Club, and clicked through the photo albums and came across me as a very skinny kid in 1986 on our class trip to Washington, D.C. Apparently it was cool to sleep with one’s shades on (white shirt in both pictures):

Richfield High School 1986 Class Trip To Washington DC Richfield High School 1986 Class Trip To Washington DC #2

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Paul! You went to Richfield?! This came up when I was doing some googling because we work with them every year through Ever After Gowns. They are FANTASTIC there and an absolute JOY to work with. Yay for your alma mater!
Small world. Now I can claim to know a big shot alum and give myself some extra cred! :)


cant wait for mine! :) YAYYYYYY SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!

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