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This afternoon on CNBC Erin Burnett (yes the same Erin Burnett who has been nicknamed Street Sweetie) interviewed Max Chafkin a Inc. Magazine writer who is familiar with Vurv Technology (the former Recruitmax) and their software product Vurv Optimize.

The 3 minute interview can be seen by clicking Pink Slip Software.

Basically the software allows a company to pick the number of employees to be laid off. Managers get to rank or score their employees. And the software says who to fire.

That feels a lot like managing a Fantasy Football team to me. Throw some numbers together, do some rankings, compare people against each other, and hit a button.

In fact it is smoother than I thought after just finding the article that was written by Max Chafkin Why Outsource When You Can Automate?:

"The program assesses those ratings, taking into account factors such as an employee's age, race, and union status to see who among the low scorers might be a lawsuit risk. The software then spits out a list of people who can be smoothly "offboarded" (that's consultant-speak for canned). Meanwhile, it draws data from company HR records to calculate severance payments, to cut final paychecks, and to distribute termination letters to managers for delivery. At the appointed hour, the system automatically deactivates the keycards and e-mail accounts of the workers who are about to be fired. The application, which starts at $100,000, is being used by the likes of Washington Mutual (NYSE:WM) and American Airlines."

Wow, I cannot imagine finding out that I was being laid off, fired, offboarded, or given the pink slip in such a way.

I assume the automation piece makes it easier emotionally on the decision makers, less subjective in general, and I would guess fewer law suits too.

At the end of the piece, Erin Burnett may have created a new term soon to sweep across the country, “Your Vurved”.

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