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Cool New LinkedIn Tools

OK, so maybe they are not all new but a few are to me and how I found them is a story of itself too. These are things job seekers, recruiters, and anyone using LinkedIn as a networking tool.

This morning I was doing my typical quick headline reading with one stop being Jason Davis and his RecruitingBlogs.com. While there I saw a post from Amitai Givertz (click that link to see his RecruitingBlogs.com profile that lists sites he contributes to) Top 10 LinkedIn tools, scripts and plugins.

Ami links to Mashable and LINKEDIN TOOLBOX: Top 10 LinkedIn Tools where they have screen shots of the 10 tools. Some of them I have seen before and a couple I have no use for.

There are two that I am curious about.

LinkedInAbox, I get that it is “cool” because it basically puts a LinkedIn profile on a page without leaving that page to go to LinkedIn. Eh, that’s OK I guess. Here is what mine looks like:


LinkedIn Contacts Management is something I will play with in a few days as I know I can put that to work.

I am interested to see what come out of LinkedIn letting developers create some API’s like Facebook has allowed.

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