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Getting A Second Life

The more I read about Second Life the more I want to spend some time on it. The thing is, I am having enough issues with the real one I have. Is creating a second one an escape like a hobby or a diversion from what should be working on? Don't know yet.


While I am thinking out loud, I already have a couple of projects I have started and not yet finished that are closer to my heart and more likely to benefit me in some ways with the business life.


Julian at EXCELER8ion has Second Life starts cranking out jobs. It is the recruiting potential that has me interested in this, not so much the make believe place where I can have x-ray vision.


Any volunteers to help me get started with a Second Life identity? If so, I would be willing to give you some blog love.



Hey Paul. I think the primary recruiting going on inside Second Life right now is for work inside Second Life. Merchandise, structures, services, etc can be built to act similar to First Life operations. That isn't to say more sophisticated business isn't happening in the grid as well, but it's a damn strange place.

I'd offer to help you out, but I only know how to walk around, mostly confused.


I have a SL account, but IMHO it's not worth it. It's interesting and it's an experiment... I definitely think you should get an account and walk/fly around. As the previous commenter said, it is strange. I think finding work and hiring in SL is way too early unless you're looking for a specific type of person: someone who is sucked into SL so damn much that they know you're hiring.

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