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‘Tis The Season To Find A Job

Have you been waiting until after the holiday season to start your job search? BIG mistake. This is a great time of year to be looking for your next opportunity.


Most people think nothing happens this time of year. Yes some people are on vacations, leaving early on a Friday, and coming in a little later than usual but they do not have three weeks off.


How do I know this? Take a look outside right after sunset. Depending on where you work I bet you will see lights on in office buildings. When you are driving home, look around. See the lights? People are working. I bet you are working. I bet most people in your company are working.


But what kind of work are you doing? Exactly. Planning for next year. Catching up on paper work. Finishing a project. You have time on your hands right? Everyone does.


Companies are hiring or at least getting ready to. Make the phone call. Send the email. Follow up. And if you find the person you want to contact is out be sure to follow up in 2007 and remind them of the your attempts to contact them.


Besides the “usual” job search this is also a great time of year to be meeting new people. If you are invited to holiday parties be very subtle but treat them as networking events.


Here is a great post from Career Hub, 12 Holiday Networking Tips. Debra Feldman walks through the 12 steps and they work through out the year, not just during the holiday season.


Start your job search now and by the end of January you can already be working with your new employer, being excited for the opportunities of the New Year.


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Thanks for your compliments. Always appreciate the recognition. Debra Feldman

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