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Star Tribune Sold To Private Equity Firm

Just about everyone (including me) is surprised at the announcement of the Star Tribune sale. In the last week prior to the announcement I had been contacted by three current employees working in information technology. Did they know ahead of time or just have a feeling? I do not know but I should have figured it out.


There seems to be some sense of excitement from the tech folks that they could be involved in doing some new things. If that does not come true I expect to see a considerable line out the door.


So far the conversations with them have been about what the market is like. I would not say they are ready to leave but that noise you hear is the keys on computers typing updates to resumes, just in case.


Graeme Thickens has some nice links to articles on the growth and decline of circulation and the print and web side of the business, Web Keeps Changing Newspaper Biz.


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