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Newspapers In Trouble, Star Tribune And Pioneer Press Are Examples

If you are wondering what the writers at the Star Tribune are thinking you can look at this article for some insight, Nick Coleman: McClatchy's profit-and-loss statement: They profit, we lose.


Clearly the Star Tribune is not the only newspaper in the country in a dicey situation. Look no further than across the Mississippi River at the St. Paul Pioneer Press.


FYI, as of October the Star Tribune is the 15th largest newspaper in the country with a daily circulation of around 359,000.


There is the issue of union workers, With 'Strib' Gone, McClatchy Sheds Another Union Paper -- Coincidence? and staff in general Newspaper to reduce staff and 30 take Pioneer Press buyouts.


There is the issue of losing revenue to the web. Job ads and real estate listings as examples, Newspapers turn Yahoo into ally and Ad nausea hitting newspapers.


There is the issue with the demands from investors and Wall Street, Star Tribune Sold to Equity Group.


And that just gets the conversation started.


Here are a few questions that seem to be asked frequently:

-Do the new owners even know what they are doing in running a newspaper?

-Are the new owners looking to cut the paper up into an even smaller piece(s), grow revenue, and sell again at a profit?

-Will the new owners have the same commitment to the community?

-Will the editorial page and paper in general have less of a liberal slant?


To use a sports analogy I have a feeling that this is only halftime. There is more to play out.



I'm trying to break my habit of commenting on the newspaper industry, but that's a hell of a column. McClatchy bit off a bit more than it could chew when it absorbed Knight Ridder - look what happened to the realcities network... oh wait, you can't... it's [pretty much] gone.

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