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Negotiating An Offer Like Daisuke Matsuzaka

If you follow baseball or you hate the New York Yankees you likely recognize Daisuke Matsuzaka the much heralded pitcher the Boston Red Sox just paid what will end up being a, between his compensation and money to his team in Japan, $100+ million dollar deal.


Some of the specifics in the deal signed by the Red Sox and Matsuzaka include base compensation, signing bonus, cash incentives, message therapist, physical therapist, personal assistant, interpreter, and 80-90 flights (whatever that means). Oh, and his wife gets transportation arrangements and accommodations along with special housing.


Now I grant that he has special circumstances leaving Japan for Boston but with his salary alone he could afford to take of that on his own.


Very few if any of us have that much will ever have that much power and control over our compensation package.


But you do have some ability to control what you receive from your employer, a few examples:


-If by chance you do have some clout within your profession you may not be able to get access to the company jet but you may be able to achieve equity in the company or guaranteed bonus plan.


-If you want to get a MBA, other degree, or certificate of some sort ask about tuition reimbursement.


-If a start up company you may ask for more stock options.


Other opportunities for a better compensation and benefit package include extra vacation, paid time off, etc.


The key is to take what is important to you, it may not always be money, and see what the company may be able to do to accommodate you.


But be careful in how you do it. No one likes dealing with someone who is being greedy in a negotiation. Have your list of things you are looking for up front. Do not come back again and again to see what you can get away with.


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