Star Tribune Sold To Private Equity Firm
TCF Bank Gopher Football Stadium Update

Minnesota Morning

A winter storm is coming and it will feel more like one in late March. The prediction is a lot of rain and a little snow. I am helping my buddy Brian move on Saturday. The concern being when a person moves in December how cold will it be. We are lucky. Rain and 40 degrees.


I am working on a couple of posts that focus on links to articles on the UnitedHealth Care stock option scandal and the sale of the Star Tribune.


Minnesota Business Scene:

-This makes sense and would save most of the jobs, Northwest, Mesaba consider merger.



Minneapolis Living:

-Students in an Urban Studies class at the U of M have been working on a project with Dinkytown residents and businesses to write the history of the neighborhood. Yes, it is much more than Bob Dylan and hockey riots, Beyond Dylan.


-Starting Monday the sales tax rate in Hennepin County will move form 6.5% to 6.65% and for those of us in Downtown Minneapolis a move from 7% to 7.15%, Sales tax for new Twins ballpark kicks in Monday. Mmmm, I can smell the burgers and brats already.



Recruiting and Careers:

-Cheezhead wins the Best Blog Award at but his “humbled and honored” photo looks more like a mug shot.



Twin Cities Blogs:


-An update on the growing community, Ruby in the Twin Cities in 2006.


-A great article that shows sometimes less is more, Optimizing your site for less traffic.



(The political bloggers seem to be coming out of their post election slumber)

-A couple regarding the passing of President Ford: The Accidental President, Gerald Ford Passes


-Minnesota's Top 10: Worst Political Persons in the State!!!!, with the #1 being an opposing blogger. Here are his responses, AM I THE “WORST POLITICAL PERSON” IN THE STATE? and AM I THE “WORST POLITICAL PERSON” IN THE STATE? #2.


-John Edwards to announce run for President tomorrow, by the time you read this the announcement may already have happened.



-Woodchipper Wednesday, a nice sports wrap. Quote of the week is priceless.




Minnesota Wild

Lose another one on the road


Minnesota Timberwolves

Lose another one in the 4th quarter


College football bowl season (6-3)

- Emerald Bowl: UCLA over Florida State. I should have gone with my gut and not my brain. Florida State does have pride and the talent decided to show up.


Independence Bowl: Alabama over Oklahoma State. Roll Tide. This is one of those stupid think with my heart picks. My brain says Okie State is gonna put a whooping on the Tide.


Holiday Bowl: Cal over Texas A&M. I saw Cal in person and thnk most days they are a great team. Maybe one season they will live up to the hype. Picking Cal but a huge fan of the Twelfth Man.


Texas Bowl: The state is so big it gets it’s own game now? Yeee Hawwww. Rutgers over Kansas State. This game should not be close. Oops, you know what that means…


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