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A belated Ho, Ho, Ho. I started writing this on Monday but decided to take a few days off from the keyboard. This one is a little short but there will be another edition tomorrow.


Our wishes for snow on the ground came through. Well sort of anyway if you count an inch or two of slush. Here we are asking for it and the people in Denver (and those trying to get in or out of there) were shut down for two days and it looks like they are going to get it again.


I need to go back a few days so you can get an insight into my crazy head. December 21st is one of my favorite days of the years. Not because of the holidays. Not because of the college football bowl season. Days start getting longer now. It’s a mind game. We have two real winter months left. March is the snowiest month but it melts right away. Then we are intro spring. Through today we have gained 1 minute and 20 seconds of daylight. Baby steps…


Recruiting And Careers:

-If you are thinking of starting a recruiting blog or portal here are some things to think about, How to Make a Kick-Butt Recruiting Blog Portal. One thing most of my blogging colleagues have not caught on to is the idea of taking on a local area or region. I think there is only one blogger besides me doing that, my buddy Jim Durbin with StlRecruiting.


-There it is again at #10 “Find a new job”, Ten Things to Do When You’re the Only One at Work Around the Holidays. I am not the only giving that advice.



Twin Cities Blogs:

Business and Technology

-Bex Huff with a great idea, Update Your Resume to Include Person Of The Year, 2006. I will do a post and promote the first person that sends me their resume with it on there.


-Charisma 18 has me thinking about Getting paid for results, not services


-Technology Evangelist with the holidays being the season to be a tech support guy, Family Technology Questions.



-Congratulations, 45 days ago you won a seat in Congress and you are already on the most endangered species list, WALZ LABELED POLITICALLY VULNERABLE BY PELOSI AND PARTY LEADERS.




-College Football Bowl Season

Like I did in the Big Ten I am picking the games during this bowl season. As I said then, you should not place any money on my predictions. Some times, many times, my bias and heart get in the way of my brain. In other words, I am a fan not a gambler.


So far I am doing OK, 6-2:

+ Poinsettia Bowl: TCU over Northern Illinois


+ Las Vegas Bowl: BYU over Oregon


- New Orleans Bowl: Rice over Troy


+ Bowl: South Florida over East Carolina


- New Mexico Bowl: New Mexico over San Jose St.


+ Armed Forces Bowl: Utah over Tulsa


+ Hawaii Bowl: Hawaii over Arizona St.


+ Motor City Bowl: Central Michigan over Middle Tennessee


Tonight’s game

Emerald Bowl: UCLA over Florida St.

If UCLA can beat USC they should easily beat Florida St. The Seminoles are having their worst season under Bobby Bowden. Maybe pride steps in but I doubt it.


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