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‘Tis the season to be loud, slightly obnoxious, and to be a fan. What am I talking about you ask? After a couple of weeks away from college football it is now Bowl Season. I know there are detractors out there who say there are too many bowl games. Too many 6-6 teams (like my Gophers).


I acknowledge that the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl is a lame name and far cry from the Rose Bowl but it looks like the fans had a good time, it is good for the local economy, and the players get more practice and game time. Oh, and ESPN makes some cash too.


Mr. Scrooge, if you do not like them then do not watch the games. Let us college football fans have some fun.


One game down, thirty some more to go. And I correctly predicted a TCU victory over Northern Illinois. 1-0 baby.


Minnesota Business Scene:

-Taco John’s, all clear so to speak Taco John's CEO aims to blunt damage from E. coli outbreak.


-Wow, the editorial board of the Star Tribune in favor of a program that gives businesses an incentive(s), read that as a break on taxes, to create jobs Editorial: JOBZ tax breaks spur rural job growth



Recruiting and Careers:

-I wrote about this back in June but a good reminder as the college kids think about 2007, College Grad Starting Salaries.


-Are You Prepared For The Busiest Job Search Day?, I really do not understand why people wait. I pick January 8th as the busiest day.


-If you are waiting until after the 1st of the year to look into a career change you might want to be getting ready for it, New Job or Career Change in 2007? Are you Market Ready?.



Twin Cities Blogs:

-Swiftboating the Governor's Race, I have had a lot of interest in the local political blogs since the election. I find it interesting to see items come out after the election. Things you wish you had known before.


-Last week a catapult this week a Scooter Mounted Potato Cannon?



Twin Cities Living:

-Former Minneapolis City Council Member Dean Zimmerman gets a vacation in a Yankton, South Dakota federal prison for taking bribes, Dean Zimmerman Sentenced to 2.5 Years. Jeffrey Skilling gets a dorm room in Waseca. Hardly seems fair.




-Minnesota Twins

I watched much of the Brad Radke press conference officially announcing his retirement. What a great guy he has been. They mentioned the hundreds of thousands of dollars he has donated to community organizations and the tens of thousands of kids he and his wife have hosted at Twins games. He will be missed, Radke Retires.


-Minnesota Vikings

Three or four players to the Pro Bowl, At least three Vikings headed to Pro Bowl. That seems generous to me.


-University of Minnesota Athletic Department

No more probation, Gopher athletics officially off probation.


-Allen Iverson goes to the Denver Nuggets. The AI and KG dream ends.


-The NBA announced punishments for the brawl between the Knicks and Nuggets. Carmelo Anthony deserved the 15 game and pay vacation. I am very disappointed that Isiah Thomas does not receive any punishment.


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