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Guy Kawasaki To Speak At The University of Minnesota

Many thanks to Graeme Thickins for replying to an email I sent him last week. I have been reaching out to local bloggers, many for the first time. Most of my time the past 18 months has been spent developing friendships with the folks who read/lurk/participate at I am not leaving them behind but I am looking to do the same locally.


Graeme writes a blog called Tech~Surf~Blog and he referred me to his post, Guy Kawasaki Is Comin' to Town. Graeme has all the information you need to attend the event on January 19th and also a Q&A with Guy who is doing the presentation while in town for the 2007 US Pond Hockey Tournament.


Guy Kawasaki writes the blog How to Change the World.


I have registered and I am looking forward to meeting Graeme and other blog writers I have been swapping email with in recent months.


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