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Blogswap Lives On

You may remember earlier this year started a blog swap with 20+ recruiting blogs and it went on for many weeks. Some great content was shared and we were able to introduce ourselves to other blog readers.


A few weeks ago (Jason Davis) and (Steven Rothberg) teamed up to reintroduce the blogswap and I am happy to announce that they are letting me participate.


Later on today I will be posting an article by a blogger who is new to me, remember I have been in my own little world the past weeks, Liz Handlin of ultimate resumes.


Many thanks to Jason and Steven for reviving the swap and letting me play along.


Steven Rothberg,

Letting you play along? You're far too modest. You were one of a small number of recruiting bloggers that we sought out. We were grateful that you agreed to participate, but we would not have accepted no for an answer. :)

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