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Ask For The Job

A few weeks ago I had a guy referred to me (could I talk him through the job search process) that was having a hard time finding a tech job. My initial reaction was that he did not know what he was doing. I was right.


We worked through his issues and yesterday he had two interviews. He asked what he should do in the interview. I had just read a post at What Would Dad Say and pointed him to it, What To Say at the Job Interview, No Matter What the Job.


There is a lot of advice one can give and G.L. covers the basics but he has an item in there that I have rarely seen anyone suggest (I always do):

4. Ask for the job. Too many interviews end in no-man’s land. Find out if they are interested by simply asking for the job. Too many interviews end with no real action…find out what you have to do next.  This is clearly the most important thing you can say during the interview:  “May I start right away.”

How many times I have a conversation with someone, they say the interview went well, they think they will be called back or they have no idea what happens next.


You think or you do not know?


Ask, ask, ask. Better to know now what the plan is (or is not) than go home and think about it for the next few days. Asking for the job straight up may be very bold but at least show interest. If you want the job show a sign and make sure the interviewer gets it. Better to go a little too far (without sounding desperate or overly eager) than leave the interviewer wondering about your interest level.


Back to my tech guy, he read the post and went on the interviews. The second opportunity was a fit for him. He was told they would call him back later in the day after the other interviews.


Rather than leave it at that he asked about their timeline. The response was they needed someone to start next week. He still has one week left on his current gig but he offered to do some evening work and start January 2nd. They agreed.


It’s a 9-month contract and the hourly rate is very good. Who knows, if he had not asked the question maybe someone else would have the gig and he would still be looking.


gl hoffman

Thanks for the plug, Paul, I am sure your advice was the key in this guy getting the job. Maybe he will look at Jobdig a bit more now, however.
Have a great holiday.



Never finish an interview without asking, "So when do I start?"

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