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After seeing this For a good time, call Harry Joiner at Marketing Headhunter I realized that when we wrote content for this new blog design I did not include the referral program. I will get that added soon.


For the short run here it is without the legal language:


If a referral is made to me directly (as in you made an introduction) or indirectly (you anonymously gave me an email address, name and phone number) if I ever place that person in a permanent full time job you get $1,000.


Better yet, if the person you refer me to refer me to someone else who is placed in a permanent full time job you get $250.


This only goes two levels deep. Again, you refer me a candidate and they refer me to a candidate, you get $250.


If you give me a referral that ends up being paid hourly you get $1 an hour for their continual employment.


And I hold that for life! Yep, life. If you refer me to someone and I place them three or five years down the road you get the referral.


I have been doing the referral on a 1099 basis but seeing what Harry is doing I will look into that.


Some people look at this as a way to “buy” people. I do not see it that way. You can refer people to any recruiter and I appreciate you sending them to me. Besides in most cases people do direct and lengthy introductions and certainly that time is worth something.


Back to that lifetime promise.


In late 1999 I was referred to a woman named Elizabeth by a guy I had been networking with, George. Elizabeth was placed in early 2000 and I gladly sent George a thank you letter with a check in it. Elizabeth referred a friend of hers to me who was also placed. Later that year George moved to Seattle without me knowing about it.


In 2003 George contacted me and was relocating himself back to Minneapolis and was wondering if I could chat with him about the marketplace. “Absolutely” I said, but I also need your address. I made sure we spoke after he received the second letter and he was very shocked.


He asked why I would remember such a thing and I said because you trusted me with a friend of yours and I appreciate that.


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