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Durbin Media Group In The Press

Franki Durbin was featured in this article The Blog Lady from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.


By know you are recognizing the name Franki as she, along with Jim, are the ones who redesigned this blog in July.


The Durbin Media Group business has been growing steadily in recent months and doing more than just creating blogs:

Durbin says several companies have asked her to find and train bloggers who will post comments to their own and related websites. She also can put a company's employees through a "blogger boot camp" to help them get started.

I spoke with Jim the other day and he explained to me how they are doing much more than just creation and design work.


They have become a one-stop shop for companies and they are one of the first “consulting firms” when it comes to corporate blogs. Yes there are some that say they design blogs and do SEO but very few if any understand them or are educating corporations on how to fully use them like Franki and Jim are.


Jim Durbin

Paul, if you insist on keeping up that flattery, we'll have no choice but to link you regularly, boosting your SEO.

And then you'll be so busy fielding press calls you won't have time to recruit.

Thanks for the props.

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