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What Is My, Your, Any Blog Worth

The debate continues on with How does one value a blog? (Hint: It’s really about Revenue), Bloggasm with How much money is your blog really worth? A Bloggasm case study, and problogger with How much money is a blog Worth?.


I understand that my situation is different on why I write this and what it is used for. Blog worth and metrics are important to many because they blog for a living, are trying to create a site they can sell, or in some cases it is about ego and who has the most visitors.


Yeah I guess it is also about how much one can charge for ads on their space.


My criteria for this particular blog is a little different. I judge by the amount of visitors within a certain amount of miles of Minneapolis, the number of employment inquiries, requests of information, etc. I get 10 email messages for every comment that is left so comments, as used by some on how much community is built, are not a good measuring stick either. Things that show people are reacting to the information they see are my measuring tools.


Maybe that’s too simple and maybe I am wrong but as long as this kind of growth continues I am happy with my progress. Having all of the traffic (17,000+ visitors) from the Northwest Airlines story was great but I was more curious how many were from this area and how many come back again. So far so good.


Using the Bloggasm formula my blog worth is $3,775. They are using the number of blogs linking to me times a valuation of $51.70 per link as I qualify as a location oriented blog.


Sootle Web Directory says $8,007.


Business Opportunities says $41,211.


These sites are using links from other blogs as a basis for their estimation. My question is this, the only value a blog has is by how many blogs link to it? So in the next weeks as my link appears on various State of Minnesota career sites, various college and university sites, local career sites, and technology user groups the value will not increase? No value in those links, huh.


That’s absurd.


I like what problogger had to say:

Ultimately a blog is worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it - a figure that is based upon many things including it’s income (current and projected), it’s influence, it’s dependancy upon the blogger (and whether they’ll continue once it’s sold), it’s incoming links and SE ranking, it’s longevity, type of readership (ie search engine, loyal readers, RSS) the blog’s growth curve, domain name value, traffic, the topic etc.

Maybe some of these bloggers should create sites that are of interest to people other than their fellow bloggers. Seems to me they are missing a huge market.


I do appreciate the effort made to quantify their estimations but it seems that they are simplistic.


FYI, today I made another placement from a candidate that relates back to the blog. This year that makes 3.5 placements that I can directly trace back to wirting this blog.


So while they try to justify their worth I will just keep doing what I am doing…


Jason Davis

Paul, This is a great post. A True Recruiting Blog where the recruiter really gets the value.

Michael Specht

Does a blog have to have a $ value and it can only have one if there is both a buyer and a seller? Sometimes a blog is just that a blog and not created for monetary gain. As you say you have placed 3.5 people through your blog, would you sell it I doubt it as you are getting referral benefits through placements. Selling the blog would not replace that value.

Just my 2 cents.

Jason Davis

the good thing about blogs when used by third party recruiters is that there is money in placing candidates.

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