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September 05, 2006


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Shannon Seery, EXCELER8ion.com

Hi Paul. I have been interested in the IT recruitment space since my guest post on JobSyntax during the blog swap. I saw the CompTIA article that you referenced in your post (and completely agree with your assessment).

Interestingly though - the same day that I read the article you discuss - I also found this:

Are Retention Efforts Working? Spherion Survey Shows Fewer IT Workers Leaving Jobs

More IT Workers Believe the Economy Is Getting Stronger; Half of IT Workforce Say It Is Not Likely That They Will Look for a New Job; Majority of IT Workers Say It Is Not Likely They Will Lose Their Jobs

08/01/2006 - FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - (MARKET WIRE) - The likelihood that U.S. IT workers will look for a new job dropped nine percentage points to 39 percent in the second quarter of 2006, according to the recent quarterly IT Employment Report released today by Spherion Corporation. Facing a unique combination of a tight job market, slowing efficiency gains, labor shortages at certain skill levels and an up-tick in labor compensation, employers are placing

Want to read more about it? http://www.marketwire.com/mw/iwprf?id=149774

Any sense of which study is an accurate portrayal of the IT job market?


Paul, I just want 10% of those folks to know about and use JibberJobber.com ;)

I am in IT, and I got laid off in January. I know IT is hot, it always has been. And IT professionals have always been kind of different (as far as how to find them, how to keep them happy, etc.). For me this message (from your post and the article) is more about how the entire professional job arena is - the loyalty FROM the employer is a thing of the past. Everyone should be concerned about their next gig.

If you think that looking for other opportunities is "cheating" on your employer (like I did), think again. I have friends who have been let go with NO severence, no warning. It is much better to keep your ear to the ground and know your employment prospects than to stick your head in a hole and then get blind-sided by a layoff or whatever.

If your idea of job security is to rely on your employer to keep you around, you are in for a big surprise. Just ask, er, I mean, e-mail those 400 Radio Shack employees!

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