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Online Career Hub Goes Live

***Updated at 11:30 pm. Thanks to Jason at Recruiting.com for pointing visitors to the site.***


When I do my job search and networking seminars I am frequently asked if I know of local career sites in a given area. Recent examples would be a local job site in Boston, a pr/marketing networking group in New York City or nonpartisan think tanks in Washington, D.C.


I came to realize that there is no web site (at last that I could easily find) that acts as a central career resource. So I started one, OnlineCareerHub “Your Career Resource Portal”.


The idea is to put together a list of career oriented sites for cities across the country. I have the Minneapolis page up and running which only took about ten minutes to find web sites I had bookmarked.


Other cities that will be added in the coming weeks are: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, New York City, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.


Other cities will be added too but this is where I am starting.


If you have a web site that you have used and would recommend to others please email me at paul@mnheadhunter.com or sign the Guestbook on the web site.


Categories are likely to change but so far I am looking for these kinds of sites:

General Resources

Local Trade, Networking, Association sites

Local Job Banks

U.S. Job Banks


Nonprofit Information

Job Aggregators

Local Publications, Daily and Weekly

Local Publications, Monthly

Researching Companies

Social Networking Sites


Local/Regional Economic and Employment Statistics

College Portals

College Career Center Sites


Currently I am using FreeWebs to build and host the site. I anticipate building a site specifically for OnlineCareerHub but for the interim this is working well to collect and post information.


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