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Kirby Puckett Memorial

The memorial Sunday night for Kirby Puckett brought us all down memory lane. I bet half the people I know either were at the Metrodome, watched it on TV or seen it on the Internet.

So what was the impact of Kirby Puckett in this area? According the Social Security Administration the popularity of the name Kirby, for males, topped around 1956 near #400. In 1982 it was no longer on the list, which is the year the Twins drafted Kirby Puckett.

The name Kirby started making a come back in popularity. In 1987 the name ranked #867. In 1988 after the Twins won the World Series the name Kirby jumped to 684. In 1996 when Kirby was forced to retire from playing the game of baseball, #970. In 1997, no longer on the list and has not been since.

During the memorial Kent Hrbek reminded everyone of the number of pets named Kirby. IF there were two pets Herbie, name after Hrbek, would be the second. That was so true. I had a friend who had two cats, Kirby and Herbie. I had another friend with fish, Kirby and Herbie.

One last thought.

In 1987 I was a senior in high school and played in the marching band. Minnesota Twins had organized a victory parade and it was a very, very cold and gray day. They had a high school band on every block playing tunes and we had been invited. I saw Kirby ride by in the convertible wearing the now famous aviator cap. If I remember the story correctly Kirby and Al Newman bought them from some folks in the parade to keep their head warm.

That was a special team, a special day, and a special man.

Batgirl, a local blog, is all Minnesota Twins all the time and has written a lot of good stuff on Kirby Puckett with a couple of pictures from the memorial service.


Anyone seen a web site with a NIT tournament pool? #4 seed men’s Gopher basketball begins with a home game against #5 seed Wake Forest. The Deamon Deacons season was much like the Gophers and this looks to be a good game.

The NIT may be the teams “Not In the Tournament” but always produces some great games.

Let’s Go Gophers!!!

NCAA Hockey

#4 ranked women’s Gopher hockey lost to Wisconsin in the WCHA final last weekend. The lady Gophers host #6 Princeton Tigers at Ridder Arena March 17th at 7 pm in the first round of the NCAA tournament.

A reminder that this year’s women’s NCAA Frozen Four is held at Mariucci Arena March 24 & 26. For tickets click here.

World Baseball Classic

Looks like we need to rethink the title World Series Champion. USA lost to Canada, lost to Mexico and crushed South Africa. That’s not much to be proud of.

We did steal one from Japan. Literally stole it. If this was boxing or figure skating I could understand bit this is baseball.

So we need help from Japan. Because of some tie breaker system that seems like was created by a math major under the influence of drugs, Japan needs to beat Mexico in a 9 inning game and by less than 7 runs for us to have a chance to advance.


Minnesota Vikings

Daunte Culpepper, I am not sure what to say. I wish the situation had been handled different by both sides but I do have to wonder if this was Daunte’s way of forcing a trade. Negotiating in the media and via email is ridiculous. Miami can have him.


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