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Negotiating Your Worth

This article from is a great reminder of how to do negotiate a compensation package. While the article focuses on CIO’s these tips are universal from the Help Desk to the CIO. In fact, these can be tailored for any position in any industry.

With all the talk about raising salaries and a tightening labor market, see yesterdays post titled IT Pay Increasing, Labor Market Tightening, this is a good primer on how to be compensated for your value.

Every one of the nine points is crucial in negotiating a compensation package.

Now the recruiter in me comes out. Please, please, please follow Phase Two #3:

Honesty pays: Over-inflating your current compensation is a novice error in negotiation. Instead, create a complete advance calculation of your entire package (benefits, accrued bonuses, base) and be able to articulate what works and doesn’t going forward. Wanting to increase your pay is assumed; waiting to see how the organization codifies compensation can be informative and favorable to you.

Take note of the last paragraph and the statement on doing your homework.

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